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Carbon Monocide

Carbon Monoxide or CO kills by suffocation.  It’s not the just the high levels that can cause poisoning or illness. Long term exposure to low levels can cause headaches, nausea, growth problems, breathing problems, contribute to SIDS, respiratory illness, and lots of other aggravations. 

G-B Services is qualified by the National Comfort Institute to perform whole house certifications as well as simple installations of professional level Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Please be clear – the “Big Box” sources of CO detectors is great for finding big problems. But be advised – those home-owner units are “dumbed down” versions.

Consumer grade units do not detect down to 9ppm like a professionally installed professional grade unit will.
Yes, they are a larger investment because they are precision instruments with much more sensitivity. They are also warranted longer – 5 years.
Essential equipment for bedrooms, especially children.
When the standards were established for the Home units, an average human weight and age were used to calculate the exposure levels.
Children are much more sensitive to lower levels than can be detected by common CO detectors.