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AC Cages

Air Conditioning Cages In Atlanta, GA.

Due to high prices of copper AC theft is on the rise so having a cage made could deter theft.

G-B Services also offers custom theft prevention cages for exterior condensers. Our cages are a cut above

typical “buy and drop” cages for many reasons. They are custom built to the size of your unit or units so they fit snugly without looking sloppy. They are embedded in six inch concrete trenches so they will not just be lifted up and over the unit. They are hinged to provide easy access for service and maintenance. Most of all, they are extraordinarily sturdy because they are woven and welded together from ¼ inch steel and 1 inch plate and solid bars. This is unlike typical lightweight cages that are mostly hollow bars and constructed in a way easily cut and accessed with a simple battery operated reciprocating saw or even a couple of snips of a heavy bolt cutter. We can also custom paint the cage to match landscaping or your home’s exterior.